Laboratory Stirrer : Make “Galaxy”: Overhead
Stirrer for liquid material stirring: Day & night use,
small but high torque, compact, does not allow
corrosive fume inside the motor, noiseless,
remains all time cool, reverse forward facility,
low speed constant stirring, trouble free, long
lasting and maintenance free, no carbon brush
wear & tear in years to come.
Stirrers are as good as flame proof, consumes
low electricity, no shock hazard, withstand any
voltage fluctuation, runs on 230-volt single
phase AC supply to regulator box.
Regulator box converts 230 Volt into low Volt DC
because Motor runs on low Volt D.C., Supplied
with variable speed remote control regulator box.

Hot Air Oven: Lab Model Make “Galaxy”: In double body Inner S.S., outer of M.S. powder coated & lagged with glass wool. Bottom open heaters covered by S.S. perforated sheet,. G.I. Mess Shelves. Temperature is controlled by sensitive hydraulic Thermostat. Temp. range 50ºC to 250ºC. Temp. accuracy ± 2ºC. Apparatus runs on 230 volt AC supply ± 10 % 50 Hz. Mdl: HAOT Options: -Digital Indicator/Controller with PT 100 Sensor, Mdl:HAVD -Bottom Motor for uniform air circulation & accuracy ± 0.5ºC. Mdl: HAOBM

Available in Working Chamber W X D X H : 12” X 12” X 12”, 14” X 14” X 14” & 18” X 18” X18”.

Melting/Boiling Point Apparatus:-
Make “Galaxy”: Precision Melting/
Boiling Point Apparatus in 250ml
beaker silicon oil bath. Teflon dish
cover for holding heater, capillary
stand, 3 capillaries holes, sensor &
thermometer, 12V long lasting
immersion heater connected to
transformer in order to give quick
heating & fine calibration, no shock
hazard, built in heavy duty magnetic
stirrer (in 12 Volt DC Motor) & heavy
duty magnet used for trouble free &
uniform stirring, heating range up to
300 ºC max., glare free back side
illumination & magnifying viewing glass
& 3 way rotary switch provided to
control heating rate for different stage
of M.P. plus additional regulator for
further heating control. Digital
Indicator can be provided in 1ºC or
0.1ºC resolution. 3 Capillaries stand &
provision to keep 6mm glass boiling
tube provided. Provided with 1 packet
of capillaries & 1 boiling tube.
Available in 3 Models

Vacuum Oven: Make “Galaxy”: Round chamber, double walled, outer made of M.S. powder coated & inner wall made of Stainless Steel 304 in working Cylindrical shape. Suspension type Aluminum powder coated door. Heaters are clamped on to the body. Temp controlled by Digital Temp. Indicator Controller, Max Temp range 50ºC to 200C ± 2 to 3 ºC accuracy. A vacuum type stop-cock 2 nos. and a vacuum gauge are fitted on the top. Two shelves are provided. Built with toughen glass window, vacuum attainable up to 760 mm of mercury. (Supplied without Vacuum pump). Apparatus runs on 230 volt AC supply

Karl Fisher Apparatus Automatic:-
Make “Galaxy” Automatic Karl Fisher apparatus in all
S.S. top Body, 25ml burette, 250ml titration beaker
with Teflon dish cover, 2-electrode & solenoid valve.
Stirring with 12 Volt DC heavy Duty Motor for trouble
free and constant Stirring, 500ml bottle for reagent
filling with burette, S.S. Stand provided separately.
Min. detect ability of moisture 0.25mg. Accuracy 0.125mg.
Apparatus runs on 230 volt AC supply. Mdl. KFB